Media Alert: New York Bishops Hiding Names of Hundreds of Perpetrators

New York Catholic Dioceses “Most Dangerous in the Country,” Law Firm Says

Bishops Admitted to Over 4oo Accused Priests Statewide, But Concealed the Identities of Most

Law Firm Challenges New York Bishops to Disclose the Identity and History of Every Sexually Abusive Priest

(New York, NY) – The bishops of every New York diocese are secretly hiding the names and histories of priest child molesters that they have kept hidden for decades, lawyers for victims said today.

“Last week, the Diocese of Brooklyn quietly released the names of eight men they knew had sexually abused kids,” said Mike Reck, an attorney for Jeff Anderson and Associates. “If they can release eight names, they can release dozens, right now. Why are they waiting? It’s a public safety issue.” Jeff Anderson and Mike Reck of Jeff Anderson & Associates have challenged every bishop in New York to come clean with the too long held dirty secrets in their files.

According to a statement made to the New York Times, the identities of more sexually abusive priests will be forthcoming from the Diocese of Brooklyn.

The reason the Diocese of Brooklyn is releasing names now is because of the Independent Reconciliation and Compensation program, which compensates victims of childhood sexual abuse in the diocese. As victims come forward, the Brooklyn Diocese has quietly released some of the names of men they know have abused children.

“While the IRCP may provide a measure of healing for some, it’s only a glimpse into the ugly truth of the cover-up of child sexual abuse in the state of New York,” said attorney Jeff Anderson. “Only statute of limitations reform will peel away the protections that have allowed these abuses to proliferate for decades and punish the men and women who allowed these child sex crimes to continue.”

Over a decade ago, the New York bishops admitted that there had been 428 priests accused of sexual misconduct, but they have concealed the names of the majority of the 428 accused clergy.

Every diocese in New York is aware of priests accused of sexual misconduct, the firm says. Bishops alone have this information and an obligation to disclose accurate information to the public and allow survivors suffering alone to know they are not the only one.

According to figures released in 2003-2004 by New York bishops during the John Jay study:




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Diocese of Buffalo



Archdiocese of New York



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Diocese of Syracuse



New York Total      428

The law firm of Jeff Anderson & Associates has been representing thousands of survivors of sexual abuse over three decades and has pressed and sued every Catholic bishop to release publicly the names and histories each have held secret in their files. The firm has offices around the country and is dedicated solely to advocacy for survivors of abuse and child protection. The laws of New York have protected offenders and the Catholic Bishops have secretly held the evidence and identities of thousands of offenders. “The truth must be known for the kids to be safe,” said Mike Reck from his New York office. “They are dirty. It’s time for transparency.”