Mexican Cardinals refuse to face charges in sexual abuse cases of East Los Angeles Latino children

A new case, involving Los Angeles Cardinal and fugitive priest is filed

(Los Angeles, CA)  Clergy Abuse attorneys Jeff Anderson and Anthony DeMarco announced today the filing of a new lawsuit charging that three top Catholic officials are responsible for the sexual abuse rampage of Father Aguilar-Rivera who is suspected by police to have molested dozens of children in East Los Angeles.

The lawsuit, filed in the Superior Court of the State of California for the County of Los Angeles, claims Plaintiff Oscar Negrete of Los Angeles was first sexually abused by Aguilar-Rivera in March of 1987 when he was 12 years-old and the priest was assigned to his East Los Angeles parish.

The complaint further states that the defendants, Cardinals Mahony of California and Rivera of Mexico were aware of specific sexually abusive conduct by Father Aguilar-Rivera at his previous assignments in Mexico and California but failed to properly investigate and restrict his activities or terminate him. In addition to failing to supervise Aguilar-Rivera, the lawsuit claims Defendant Cardinal Mahony was also complicit in aiding his flight from justice when Los Angeles police began to investigate his alleged crimes.
Note:  The previous release included Cardinal Aguilar Martinez as knowing of Father Aguilar-Rivera’s previously sexually abusive conduct.  He did not.

Earlier this year official complaints alleging sexual abuse of other children by Father Nicholas Aguilar Rivera and the complicity of his supervising bishops were received by Cardinal Norberto Rivera, the Archbishop of Mexico City and Bishop Rodrigo Aguilar Martinez, the Bishop of the Diocese of Tehuacan.  To date, nearly three months after receiving the complaints neither Cardinal Rivera, nor Bishop Aguilar Martinez have responded in any way.  On September 20, 2010 both Cardinal Rivera and Bishop Aguilar Martinez received forms directing them to acknowledge they have received the complaints.  Both have refused to sign.

Attorney Jeff Anderson said, “Instead of responding to the allegations that Cardinal Rivera and the Diocese of Tehuacan covered up the crimes of Father Nicholas Aguilar Rivera and actively enabled him to sexually abuse more Catholic children, they are attempting to evade justice—which seems contrary to the messages coming from the Vatican.”

DeMarco, who along with Anderson has handled many clergy abuse cases in California, added that “Cardinals Rivera and Aguilar Martinez should heed the advice of the Church hierarchy and cooperate with civil authorities to address their mistakes in the handling of the clergy abuse scandal.”

Note:  Copy of the new lawsuit is available at

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