Morris County Court Rejects Attempt to Throw Out New Jersey Victims’ Rights Bill

Victims’ Rights Bill (S477) Allowed for Hundreds of Child Sex Abuse Survivors to Bring Lawsuits Against Catholic Bishops, the Boy Scouts, Perpetrators and Others

(Edison, NJ) – Today, a Morris County Court denied Delbarton’s callous attempt to throw out a courageous sexual abuse survivor’s lawsuit filed under the New Jersey Victims’ Rights Bill.

“New Jersey has once again shown that it is a leader in the child protection movement,” said Greg Gianforcaro, attorney for T.M., the survivor in the case. “This is a huge victory for New Jersey survivors.”

The case involved a claim of a man who is now 60 years old who was sexually abused by a Delbarton priest when he was age 15.

Morris County Superior Court Judge Peter A. Bogaard wasted no time in issuing his ruling from the bench and denying the motion to dismiss filed by Delbarton. Judge Bogaard rejected Delbarton’s argument that the Victims’ Rights Bill was unconstitutional and violated its right to due process.

“It is clear that the Court in its decision understood the legislature’s intent when it passed the New Jersey statute of limitations law,” said Gianforcaro. “No matter what age a survivor of sexual abuse is right now … any survivor of any age may bring a lawsuit against their abuser and the institution that employed that abuser until November 30, 2021, in order to expose the secrets long held and get the help they deserve.”

“This is a monumental decision for child protection and for accountability.  We’re happy to see that survivors’ voices can be heard, their perpetrators can be exposed, and children are being better protected,” said attorney Jeff Anderson. “It’s time for reckoning in New Jersey.”