New Article Exposes NY Bishops’ Strategies for Shielding Billions from Clergy Abuse Survivors

Statement of Jeff Anderson on Times Union exposé “New York’s Catholic church leaders control billions outside the reach of abuse survivors.”

(New York, NY) – In an article released today by the Times Union, journalist Ed McKinley has finally exposed the grim reality that we, clergy abuse survivors, and their advocates have known for decades: Catholic bishops have applied the same transfer and cover-up strategies to their financial assets as they have to predator priests. By funneling assets away from legal liability and ultimately exploiting the Chapter 11 bankruptcy process, the financial strategies and abuses of the Catholic bishops in America have been largely unexamined and unregulated until now.

The Fidelis Care transaction for $4.3 billion and shielding the proceeds in the Mother Cabrini Health Foundation by the eight New York Catholic Bishops is just one transaction that deserves scrutiny.  Four of these bishops have led their dioceses in filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, claiming “insolvency” in the face of thousands of clergy sexual abuse survivors coming forward under the New York Child Victims Act. It’s a devious, strategic tactic.

Most importantly, this article exposes the hypocrisy and financial underbelly of how Catholic bishops shield or hide assets as regularly as they have hidden offenders. It’s time for a reckoning and truth. Today more light was shone.