New York Attorney General’s Office Files Lawsuit Against Diocese of Buffalo

Diocese, Bishop Malone and Auxiliary Bishop Grosz “used bureaucratic maneuvers to shelter more than two dozen priests accused of harming children”

(Buffalo, NY) – The New York Attorney General’s Office filed a lawsuit today against the Diocese of Buffalo alleging years of cover-up by diocesan leadership. In a 219-page complaint filed in Supreme Court in New York County, the AG’s office outlines how the diocese, Bishop Malone and Bishop Grosz failed to protect children for years.

“The New York Attorney General Office’s decision to file this lawsuit finally puts children first,” said Attorney Steve Boyd whose law firm, along with Jeff Anderson & Associates has filed over 200 lawsuits under the New York Child Victims Act involving the Diocese of Buffalo. “For years, the Diocese of Buffalo has put its own interests and reputation above child protection. We are hopeful that today’s action by the Attorney General will put an end to that for good.”

The lawsuit focuses on the 2002 Dallas Charter, a set of child protection policies implemented by the United States Catholic Bishops. In a statement, New York Attorney General Letitia James stated that the diocese chose “to protect the very priests who were credibly accused of these atrocious acts. Individuals who are victims of abuse deserve to have their claims justly and timely investigated and determined, and the Buffalo diocese refused to give them that chance.”

“We applaud the action taken by the New York Attorney General’s Office to hold the Diocese of Buffalo accountable for its failures in child protection,” said Attorney Stacey Benson of Jeff Anderson & Associates. “It’s time for accountability, truth and change in the Diocese of Buffalo.”