New York Senate Unanimously Moves to Extend Child Victims Act by One Year, Offering a Better Chance for Survivors to Pursue Justice

Statement of Attorney and Advocate Jeff Anderson

(New York, NY) – Today, the New York Senate voted 60 to 0 in favor of extending the New York Child Victims Act by one year. This is a giant step forward for New York and, more broadly, the Child Protection Movement. We applaud each and every New York Senator for standing up for survivors by recognizing the need for more time to take action under the Child Victims Act.

Statute of limitations reform, look-back windows, and extensions such as this provide survivors, their support communities, and New York as a whole a better chance:

A better chance for survivors to find and use their voices.
A better chance for exposure of predators and perils.
A better chance for children to be protected.
A better chance for those who have been hurt to find help and healing.
A better chance for holding those who looked away accountable.
A better chance for light and truth to vanquish darkness and deceit.
A better chance for survivors to summon their courage and act boldly.
A better chance for justice to prevail.

We stand today with the New York Senate, Governor Cuomo, and all survivors of child sexual abuse in gratitude and hope.