News Release: Bankruptcy Court Approves Settlement Between Sexual Abuse Survivors and Crosier Order

(Minneapolis, MN) – Today, sexual abuse survivors, attorneys, and members of the Crosier order appeared before Judge Robert J. Kressel in United States Bankruptcy Court in Minneapolis seeking approval of a consensual bankruptcy plan between sexual abuse survivors and the Crosiers.

Judge Kressel approved the proposed plan, but what made this hearing notable is the never-before-seen tenor between the Crosiers and survivors. After the bankruptcy plan was approved, Fr. Thomas Enneking, the Crosier Prior Provincial, offered a sincere and heartfelt apology to all of the sexual abuse survivors.

“The Crosiers and their attorneys helped build a model of transparency and accountability,” said Attorney Jeff Anderson. “The reality is that survivors can take comfort in knowing the Crosiers are not hiding offenders or their assets so this fair settlement could be reached.”

Anderson followed Fr. Enneking’s apology, commending survivors for their courage in speaking up. He also lauded Fr. Enneking for his heartfelt apology and expression of sorrow. Anderson promised he would convey this message to all of the sexual abuse survivors who were harmed and who could not be present in court today. He also commended the Crosiers and their attorneys, Bill Tipping and Rob Vaccaro, for the way they handled the sexual abuse claims over the past 20 years.

The settlement provides for the Crosiers to contribute approximately $5.7 million and its insurer to contribute approximately $19.7 million.

On June 1, 2017, the Crosiers filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in United States Bankruptcy Court, District of Minnesota. The Crosier order is a Roman Catholic religious order of priests and brothers with communities in Phoenix, Arizona and Onamia, Minnesota.