News Release: Bankruptcy Judge Orders All Parties to Mediation

News Release: Survivor’s Advocate Applauds Bankruptcy Judge Kressel’s Ordering of All Parties to Mediation

(St. Paul, MN) – At a hearing today, United States Bankruptcy Judge Robert J. Kressel ordered survivors, the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis, and the insurance companies, over objections from the insurance companies, to mediation for resolution of all current and future claims.  The mediation was ordered before Judge Arthur Boylan, a respected and former federal magistrate, now a professional mediator who was instrumental in settling the NFL dispute.

“We are delightful we have the opportunity to get to the negotiation table early before huge attorney’s fees deplete the Archdiocese’s assets and there will be ample funds for survivors with full participation from the Archdiocese and the insurance companies involved,” said attorney Jeff Anderson. “Judge Kressel’s order creates the opportunity to ensure a fair and speedy resolution of all current and future claims under the Child Victims Act.”