News Release: Crosiers Add 11 New Names to List of Credibly Accused

Several New Minnesota Clergy Offender Names Released This Week

Crosiers Release the Names of 19 Credibly Accused Priests and Brothers

(St. Paul, MN) – The Crosier Province voluntarily released this week an updated list of priests and brothers with credible child sexual abuse allegations.  The first list was previously disclosed in 2002 and Friday’s release included 11 new names of priests and brothers with one or more credible claims of child sex abuse. This is a promising step forward.

We encourage the Crosiers to take the next step and release their secret files on all 19 offenders. “The voluntary release of names is a positive step forward in child protection and abuse survivors, who are suffering in secrecy, silence and shame, now know they can come forward to get help, and that they are not alone,” stated attorney Jeff Anderson.

The information provided by the Crosiers this week shows that the credibly accused Crosiers served at various locations in several states, including Minnesota, Arizona, Indiana, Michigan, and New York.

The list and assignment histories can be found at the link below: