News Release: Fr. Kevin McDonough Deposed in Civil Lawsuit Today

Fr. Kevin McDonough’s Deposition Taken Today

(St. Paul, MN) – Today, the deposition of the Archdiocese’s former Vicar General, Father Kevin McDonough, was taken in a civil lawsuit as ordered by Ramsey County Judge John Van de North.

The testimony today concluded with attorney Jeff Anderson asking Father McDonough if he,  Jeff Anderson, had exaggerated the risk posed to the public by the practices employed by the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis. McDonough replied there has been some exaggeration in some cases. When asked what instances those were, McDonough refused to answer the question and was instructed by his attorneys that the deposition had concluded and time had expired.

“Our position is that we were given eight hours of testimony for this deposition,” said  Anderson, “and their position was that we had six and half hours of testimony. We hope to release the deposition as soon as possible.” Anderson expects the Court will allow additional time to continue the deposition as the Archdiocese failed to supply all the materials prior to the deposition, as ordered by the Court.

The Doe 1 complaint and other documents can be found on our website.