News Release: New clergy sex abuse case filed against Archdiocese of Philadelphia

News Release
July 25, 2012

New clergy sex abuse case filed against Archdiocese of Philadelphia

St. Augustine religious order and prominent school
Malvern Prep also cited as defendants

A new lawsuit was filed today in Philadelphia County Court on behalf of a Delaware County man against the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, the Order of St. Augustine, a/k/a Augustinian, the prominent Philadelphia area Malvern Preparatory School and the alleged offender, John R. Liggio–a priest assigned to the school under the authority of both the Archdiocese and the religious order of Augustinians.   While Liggio is a member of the Augustinian Order, he also was under the direct supervision of the Archbishop and the Archdiocese while working at Malvern.

The lawsuit alleges that while a student at Malvern Prep in the late 1990’s, the plaintiff, identified in the complaint only as John Doe 191, suffered multiple episodes of abuse by Liggio on the Malvern campus, including anal and oral copulation, during his freshman year–which caused him to leave the school in 1998 and suffer depression and even attempt suicide.

Attorney and Law Professor Marci Hamilton, who works with prominent clergy abuse attorney Jeff Anderson and Malvern, Pennsylvania-based attorney Daniel Monahan, added that while John Doe 191 is “seeking justice for the long suffering he’s endured, he also has a sincere desire to make sure that other kids are protected.  This is a courageous and fine young man who has suffered deeply.”   Hamilton added that “he hopes that other survivors will be empowered by his filing today and that Philadelphia will become a safer place for children.”

Anderson, who also is handling cases with Hamilton arising out of the Penn State child sexual abuse scandal, commented that “this is another survivor stepping forward, which underscores the painful details that were revealed in the recent Philadelphia Grand Jury and trials and seriousness of the problem that has yet to be fully addressed.  Clearly, this is another courageous voice, that in concert with many others can bring a fundamental change long overdue in the Archdiocese.

With the filing of this case Monahan, Anderson and Hamilton have now brought a total of eight civil suits against the Archdiocese of Philadelphia and other religious entities for sex abuse, conspiracy, fraud and essentially covering up the sexual abuse by offending priests.

A copy of the complaint is available at:

Contact Dan Monahan:  610-363-3888
Contact Marci Hamilton:  215-353-8984
Contact:  Jeff Anderson:   Office 651,227.9990  Cell  612.817.8665