News Release: Settlement Reached in Boy Scouts of America Sexual Abuse Lawsuit

Sexual Abuse Survivor, Boy Scouts of America, Settle Civil Lawsuit

(St. Paul, MN) – Attorneys for a sexual abuse survivor, John Doe 180, have reached a settlement of all claims involving the Boy Scouts of America in the matter relating to the actions of Scoutmaster Peter Stibal.

Jeff Anderson, one of John Doe 180’s attorneys stated, “This courageous survivor and others like him are hopeful that the Boy Scouts of America have done and will do, a better job warning, informing, and telling the truth about the known hazard in scouting, namely that sexual predators are drawn to scouting.”

John Doe 180 filed a civil lawsuit in June 2011 alleging the Boy Scouts of America were negligent in allowing Scoutmaster Peter Stibal access to children when it knew of the grave danger in scouting, that Scoutmasters sexually abuse Scouts. Doe’s abuse began when he met Stibal through Scouting and Stibal became his Scoutmaster.  Stibal is currently in prison because of his abuse of John Doe 180 and several other Scouts.

Attorney Sarah Odegaard added, “We are grateful to stand with this brave survivor in achieving justice and accountability and keeping children in Scouting safe in the future.”