News Release: Vatican Lifts Suspension of Convicted Sex Offender Fr. Joseph Jeyapaul

Jeff Anderson, Attorney for Sexual Abuse Survivors, Blasts Bishop and Vatican for Lifting Jeyapaul’s Suspension

(Kochi, India/Crookston, MN) – Bishop Amalraj of the Diocese of Ootacamund, India, announced today that he has lifted the suspension of convicted predator priest, Father Joseph Jeyapaul. Jeyapaul’s suspension was lifted on January 16, 2016 after the Bishop consulted with the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.


Statement of Jeff Anderson

On behalf of two survivors we have represented, and no doubt countless others Jeyapaul has abused, we are appalled that the Vatican and Bishop Amalraj lifted the suspension of convicted predator priest, Joseph Jeyapaul.  It took years to reveal the truth of this predator’s history in Minnesota and as a result, he was criminally convicted.

The Vatican and Bishop have made a conscious choice to endanger children and time and time again they have chosen to protect the predator priests at the peril of children. There is no excuse for the indifference they have shown to the safety of kids in India. This is an outrage and again demonstrates the cavalier attitude of the Bishop and the Vatican that they can do what they want, when they want, at the grave peril to kids.

The two survivors we worked with, Megan Peterson who has previously publicly identified herself, and Jane Doe, courageously revealed the actions of Jeyapaul while he was working in the Diocese of Crookston. Jeyapaul repeatedly engaged in criminal sexual conduct with both survivors and we suspect he abused others as well.

This is a pattern, practice and every action belies the promises they made that they’re doing better. Bishop Amalraj stated the decision was “inspired by the year of mercy,” that began at the direction of Pope Francis. When will there be a year for justice, truth and child safety?