Nomi Abadi Speaks Out Against the Music Industry

(Los Angeles, CA) – Today, Ethan Millman published an article in Rolling Stone reflecting on Nomi Abadi’s lawsuit identifying prolific file and television composer, Danny Elfman. Abadi, a virtuoso pianist, singer, composer,  and activist, has accused Elfman of multiple instances of sexual harassment, and is seeking injunctive relief for failing to pay two installments of a 2018 settlment.

“I simply cannot fathom the idea of going along with an industry that allows silence-breakers to be vilified, or participating in a voting process that lauds abusers while some of us are barred from career opportunities because we spoke out,” Said Nomi Abadi. “There is a clear and urgent need to center the experiences of survivors of sexual assault in the music industry, who have lost their careers because they were abused and silenced.”

In February, Abadi and other courageous survivors discussed their personal experiences of abuse, trauma, and silencing by well-known and powerful people in the entertainment industry.

“Nomi Abadi’s case proves how powerful, celebrated individuals can weaponize their fame to intimidate and disregard survivors’ rights,” said Jeff Anderson. “we praise Nomi for courageously standing up and continuing to expose an ongoing culture of horror, cover-up, and depravity.”