Newly Discovered Evidence Details Vatican’s Delay Tactics in Dealing with Known High Risk Pedophile Priest

Priest was diagnosed as a pedophile in 1983 but Milwaukee Archdiocese allowed Father Franklyn Becker to continue to work in several parishes until 2002

In 2003, fearing a “scandal” when Becker was arrested in California for sexual assault of a child, Archbishop Dolan writes letter to the Vatican requesting Becker be defrocked—even though he had the information on Becker’s past nine months earlier.

Then Cardinal Ratzinger takes 5 months to reply

One and a half years after the original request Becker  is given $10,000 and defrocked 

 Timelineon Franklyn Becker Documents available at:

Fall 1970                  Mother reported to Fr. Sampon there is a problem regarding her son and Becker [Ex 301]

Late 1970’s             Becker sent to San Diego, CA Diocese.  Becker returned to Milwaukee Bishop Maher of San Diego wrote Archbishop Weakland stating that there is no doubt there are psychological problems in Fr. Franklyn Becker’s life that he must solve. [Ex 305]

2/11/80                     Becker wrote to Archbishop Weakland that “with my orientation, the frequent presence of teenage boys in the house at night was tantalizing to say the least. It was during that time I met the boy with whom I became involved.”  Becker also discussed going to a treatment facility for pedophile priests. [EX 306]

12/9/80                     Archdiocese Appointed Becker Associate Pastor at St. John Parish in South Milwaukee [Ex 311]

2/21/83                       Psychology Associates Evaluation – Dr. Anthony Gillette

Diagnosed as a pedophile.  Becker admitted
he is attracted to adolescents. Recommended to keep Becker away from minor
males because he is at high risk for sexually acting out towards them and his
orientation can’t be changes through medication or therapy [Ex 313]

1983 to 1996           Becker continued to work in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, have access to children, and the Archdiocese got further complaints about Becker and children.

1996                          St. Louis Consultation Center evaluated Becker.  Found that he suffered from a recurrent sexual control disorder, that his sexual preference was mid-teens, and that without intervention he was likely to act out sexual again.  (Ex. 325)

1996                          Archdiocese informed that Becker now identified himself as a pedophile, may be in possession of child pornography, and is a risk to act out.  (Ex. 327) 

1996 to April 2002     Archdiocese allowed Becker to work in several parishes in the

2002                       Dolan named Archbishop of Milwaukee


May 10, 2003              Becker arrested in California
for abuse of a minor.  (Ex. 341)


May 23, 2003         Archbishop Dolan wrote to Cardinal Ratzinger stating Becker admitted to molesting numerous children, was diagnosed as an impulsive pedophile, had child pornography, and the potential for reoccurrence existed.  Also told him that the potential for true scandal existed.  Dolan asked Ratzinger to remove Becker from the clerical state.  States the risk for scandal is high but risk for re-offense currently is low because he was arrested.  Becker was still being paid almost $35,000 as well as health, medical, and dental per year (Ex. 341)

June 26, 2003        US Supreme Court decided Stogner which overturned California Criminal statute under which Becker was charged.  Charges against Becker dropped after this decision.


Oct. 20, 2003         Archbishop Amato, Cardinal Ratzinger’s secretary at the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, wrote to Archbishop Dolan stating that they want Archbishop Dolan to ask Fr. Becker to request to be removed from the priesthood otherwise they will move to have him dismissed. (Ex. 347)

Dec. 1, 2003              Barbara Cusack wrote to Rev. Montalvo, head of the Vatican’s Embassy in Washington D.C., stating that the enclosed correspondence pertains to the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith’s request for follow-up information. (Ex. 349)

Dec. 6, 2003          Archbishop Montalvo letter to Cusack stating that he would transmit the information sent on December 1 regarding Franklyn Becker to Cardinal Ratzinger. (Ex. 350)


November 2004      Vatican removed Becker from the priesthood (Per Archdiocese of Milwaukee website post January 2008)

2004 or 2005           Becker was given a $10,000 settlement from the Archdiocese of Milwaukee.   

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