Response from Jeff Anderson on the Boy Scouts of America’s Recent Comments to the Media

Jeff Anderson & Associates was informed that today the Boy Scouts of America made statements to the media that they have already taken sufficient actions regarding child sexual abuse in scouting.

“All the pledges and promises from the Boy Scouts of America fall short. The reality is, they have to identify the names of thousands of offenders from their secret files. The Boy Scouts need to come clean and inform the communities who these people are, what they did, and where they are today. Through a simple keystroke, they have the ability today to release the names and locations of every offender that sexually abused children. Absent that, any effort, promise, pledge, practice is falling short of protecting kids. This is a time for action and truth, not a time for excuses, promises or policies.”

Yesterday, Jeff Anderson & Associates revealed that there were at least 7,819 accused child sex abusers in scouting and at least 12,254 victims. The names of some of these offenders were released in New York and New Jersey, along with testimony from Boy Scouts expert Dr. Janet Warren.