San Diego Bishop Threatens Possible Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Attorneys and Survivors Raise Serious Concerns

(San Diego, CA) – Today, the Bishop of the Diocese of San Diego is contemplating filing for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection. This signal by the Diocese raises serious concerns for us and the 66 survivors we represent against the Diocese, the parishes, and the predators.

“We have worked with survivors for decades and have represented them through over 20 Catholic bankruptcy reorganizations across the country. We believe that there has been a history of Dioceses and Bishops using bankruptcy to hide assets, hide offenders, harbor predators, protect themselves and their insurance companies from accountability,” said attorney Jeff Anderson.

This is not the first time the Diocese of San Diego has attempted to use Chapter 11 Bankruptcy to limit or avoid accountability.

“In 2007, The Diocese of San Diego attempted to file Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. We and the survivors raised early concerns about the deficient disclosures of assets. At that time, Judge Adler of the Bankruptcy court issued two orders raising serious concerns and scheduled a hearing requiring the Bishop and his lawyers to appear in court,” said attorney Jeff Anderson. “We raise this history to inform and hope the past is not prologue. Hours before the hearing, there was a full and fair settlement of all the claims.”