Sexual Abuse Lawsuit Filed Against Bagley Public Schools and Clearwater County Sheriff’s Office

Minor Student Sexually Abused Multiple Times at Bagley High School by Former Sheriff’s Deputy and Convicted Predator, Neil Henry Dolan.

Former School Resource Officer Threatened Victim to Remain Silent

(Bagley, MN) – Today, a lawsuit was filed on behalf of courageous survivor Lincoln Singh against Bagley Public Schools and the Clearwater County Sheriff’s Department. Singh, now 20, was repeatedly sexually abused by Neil Henry Dolan, former Bagley High School Resource Officer (SRO) and Clearwater County Sheriff’s Deputy, from 2016 to 2018. Singh was a 13-year-old 7th grader when the abuse began in Dolan’s office at the school.

Dolan had Numerous Victims and has Criminal Convictions in Clearwater and Becker Counties.

In April of this year, Dolan pled guilty to sexually abusing Singh and two other Bagley School students, between 2016 and 2019. Dolan admitted to sexually abusing all three students when they were 13 to 14-years-old in his office while working as a uniformed sheriff’s deputy at the school. He was sentenced to 36 years for his crimes. At the time of sentencing, Dolan was already in prison after pleading guilty in 2021 to sexually abusing other minors at Bagley High School and Many Point Scout camp in Becker County.

Missed Red Flags

According to documents filed in criminal actions against Dolan, the former Sheriff’s Deputy and Bagley School Resource Officer was known to invite students to his office during school hours, closing the door when they were alone inside. Dolan paid special attention to certain kids, buying them gifts, inviting them to his home, and showing up to their sporting events. The filings also show that in about 2011 or 2012 a Bagley School employee walked in on a 7th grade boy straddling Dolan face to face in his office. After that incident, Dolan put paper on his office windows to conceal his activities. Still, the school and Sheriff’s department allowed Dolan to keep his position as student resource officer, where he continued to use his positions to sexually abuse students for years.

“Dolan was supposed to be the ultimate source of protection and safety at Bagley High School,” said attorney Josh Peck. “Instead, his abuse of the position of power he was given was the ultimate betrayal of the survivor and his parents. The reality is, Dolan should have been reported and taken out of the school years before he ever abused Lincoln.”

Below are the statements Lincoln Singh and his parents released in April of this year when Dolan pled guilty to his crimes:

Dolan’s Abuse of Singh

In the 2016-2017 school year, Dolan started taking Singh out of class and begin sexually abusing him in his office. Singh was sexually assaulted by Dolan dozens of times, sometimes multiple times in one week. On some occasions, Dolan motioned to his firearm to intimidate and force Singh into staying in Dolan’s office. Dolan threatened Singh not to tell anyone at least once, telling the boy if he said anything he would plant drugs on him, and that because he was a police officer, people would take his word over Singh’s.

“Who do you report abuse to when the person abusing you is law enforcement?”  said attorney Josh Peck. “Dolan’s status, threats, and statements that no one would believe Lincoln was a destructive combination that led to silence, fear, and continued abuse.”

Statement from Lincoln Singh

“I remember dreaming of getting justice when I was little and now that dream has come true. With this truth that has come out, it also has brought me back to that scared little kid with a dream of justice. I was silenced for so long, but now Neil Dolan is pleading guilty and going to jail. The sad thing about me getting justice is that the void of the injustice that was committed. I hope kids around the world who have been abused find their voice. I care about everyone that has been abused. My prayers go out to victims and families who understand this VOID that has plagued our families.”

Statement from Singh’s Parents

“This was an extremely painful day for us and our son. We have been thrown back to the day son told us about the abuse, trying to console a young man who has been abused by a police officer. This has been a two year wait for what we already knew to be true, that Dolan abused our son. As parents, we never thought that we would drop our child off to school a safe place for learning and the horrific things that happened are incomprehensible. Our thoughts and prayers are with the other victims and their families as I’m sure they are working through the many effects from abuse. We are grateful for the work of the Minnesota Attorney General’s Office specifically Erin Eldridge, and advocate Amy Vonfelt.”

“I am continuously amazed by Lincoln’s strength, resilience, and courage,” said Josh Peck. “Something horrible happened to him, and not only has he been able to find his way out of the darkness, he’s come out on the other side as a heroic and wise young man who inspires others.”