St. John’s Abbey Seeks to Block Public Release of Information about Fr. Timothy Backous in Hearing Tomorrow

St. John’s Hearing in Stearns County

In Hearing Tomorrow, St. John’s Abbey Seeks to Block Public Release of Information about Fr. Timothy Backous

St. John’s wrongfully claims Backous is innocent and
falsely accused of sexual abuse

Backous accused of sexually abusing a St. John’s Choir Boy in 1991;
allegation kept secret for 23 years

(St. Cloud, MN) – In a hearing tomorrow in Stearns County District Court, St. John’s Abbey and Father Timothy Backous will ask the court to block attorneys Jeff Anderson and Mike Bryant from making Backous’ file public.

Anderson and Bryant represent Doe 188 and Doe 413, who were both sexually abused by Backous when they were children. St. John’s and Abbot Klassen have claimed repeatedly that Backous is innocent and have cleared Backous by two investigations. However, St. John’s refuses to make Backous’ file or the investigation reports public.

Both men filed lawsuits against Backous and St. John’s earlier this year. Doe 413 was abused by Backous as a student at St. John’s Prep in the early 1980s. Doe 188 was abused by Backous when he was a member of the St. John’s Boys Choir in in 1990. Doe 188’s parents reported their son’s abuse the following year and were promised Backous would no longer be allowed around children. Since then, Backous has held high profile jobs at St. John’s Prep and at St. John’s University, including head of the Prep School from 2006-2013.

Stearns County Courthouse – 9:00AM
Wednesday August 24, 2016
Honorable Judge Vicki Landwehr
725 Courthouse Square
St. Cloud, MN

Contact Jeff Anderson:  Office: 651.227.9990 Cell: 612.817.8665
Contact Mike Bryant: Office: 320.259.5414 Cell: 800.359.0061