St. Paul attorney: Nine clergy abuse cases being settled for $1.7 million

By PAUL WALSH, Star Tribune

Jeff Anderson said that along with the money, the Crosiers Catholic religious order involved in this abuse is required to make public the names of the living perpetrators with credible allegations made against them. Anderson said that a series of abuse prevention steps will also be revealed.A St. Paul attorney who for years has defended victims of sexual abuse by Roman Catholic clergy today is announcing settlements in nine cases for $1.7 million on behalf of his clients.

The cases involve nine men who allege that they were sexually assaulted as boys by the Crosier clerics.

Also as part of the settlement, Anderson said, the Crosiers will disclose documents regarding the abusers.

In a suit filed in Ramsey County District Court in 2006, Mark Mallinger said he was abused as a student at the Onamia, Minn., seminary in the 1970s, and Charles Spahn, a former altar boy in Onamia, said he was abused from age 9 to 14.

“The seminary at Onamia was truly a house of horrors,” Mallinger, who later became a United Church of Christ minister, said at the time the suit was filed. “I know classmates were abused, and I know people suffered in silence and shame.”

In 2002, the order released the names of eight members deemed the subject of credible reports of sexual abuse of a minor.

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