Statement by Child Sex Abuse Attorney Jeff Anderson on Release of Names Associated with Jeffrey Epstein Case

“This wasn’t just about Epstein. This was also about all those who permitted, profited, and participated in his crimes. It’s time for transparency and exposure.” – Jeff Anderson

(New York, NY) – Tomorrow, over 150 Individuals mentioned in court documents regarding the late financier Jeffrey Epstein will be publicly exposed. We applaud Judge Loretta A. Preska and courageous survivor Virginia Roberts Giuffre for making this valuable disclosure happen.

When these names surface, we hope that every single person who ever turned a blind eye to child sex crimes will pick up the phone, regardless of how long ago the wrongdoing may have happened, and tell the police, prosecutors, and journalists what they believe they know about crimes against children.

“Epstein’s trail of abuse only continued as long as it did because there were so many people in positions of power, money, and influence that participated and permitted it. Transparency about the systemic permission and practice of abuse is needed. Transparency and accountability are prerequisites for safer communities and protection of the vulnerable.” – Jeff Anderson

We hope this disclosure will encourage Epstein survivors of sexual abuse to promptly tell the police, prosecutors, therapists, support groups, or loved ones so that they won’t suffer in silence, shame, and self-blame. We applaud all of the brave Epstein victims who have disclosed their identities and shared their pain publicly.

Some of these 150+ names have publicly surfaced before. However, others may be disclosed for the first time. We believe all the disclosures will lead to prevention and healing. Even if only one more wrongdoer is exposed for the first time tomorrow, kids will still be safer, some victims will feel relief and validation, and some abuse cover-ups will almost certainly be deterred.