Federal District Judge Allows Archdiocese of Milwaukee Bankruptcy Cases to Move Forward

Statement of Jeff Anderson

“The Order of Judge Randa allowing the Archdiocese of Milwaukee bankruptcy cases to move forward on the basis of fraud is positive news for all those survivors seeking relief from the horrors they endured as vulnerable children, and for that reason, we are pleased.

We are sad that one of the survivor’s claims has been dismissed and for that we need to try to do what we can to rectify that at a later time and place. For now the journey continues.  We remain hopeful.  We remain positive.  We remain resolute that working with each of the survivors individually and collectively the process can bring a measure of disclosure, exposure and then some closure.

For now, we stand ready to work with each survivor to fight the next round of battles as the Archdiocese attempts to pick off these claims one by one, and at the same time, expend enormous resources pleading a bankruptcy estate.  Indeed, we remain absolutely perplexed that they have chosen not to pursue what appears to us to be an enormous amount of insurance available that could, if pursued aggressively and jointly, provide for full and fair compensation for the survivors and not interrupt the ministry of the Archdiocese.

We are grateful to each of the survivors for their courage and are mindful of how difficult this has been, and remains, for each of the survivors.  Until there is truth there can be no justice and until there is justice there can be no healing.”