Statement of Jeff Anderson Re: Guilty Plea of Oliver O’Grady for possession of child pornography

“We and the many families who have been wounded by Oliver O’Grady are deeply relieved that this serial predator who has caused so much pain for so long is finally found guilty.  O’Grady’s plea of guilty to possessing child pornography represents a current day demonstration of the seriousness of his crimes and the danger he continues to pose to children because of his inability to control himself.   Along with the families we have represented whose lives have been devastated by Oliver O’Grady, we applaud every family and law enforcement agent who brought this to bear.

We are also very uncomfortable and disheartened that those who should be pleading guilty for the cover up and concealment of O’Grady’s horrific crimes, the bishops and other top Catholic officials who enabled O’Grady’s crimes, have not been held to account.  O’Grady has abused countless children and shattered countless lives.  Because of a secret dirty deal made during a civil trial in 1998 during which the Diocese of Stockton was found liable after a jury trial for a $30 million judgment,  O’Grady was allowed to continue to receive pension from the Diocese, financing that has allowed him since to be able to travel the world, exploiting and imperiling children globally, from the Netherlands and Ireland to the United States.

We find great comfort that O’Grady is finally behind bars, but little comfort in the fact that those who protected him have yet to brought to justice, including now retired Cardinal Roger Mahony and other high ranking Catholic officials.”