Statement of Jeff Anderson Regarding New Criminal Charges against Minneapolis Teacher & Coach Aaron Hjermstad

New Criminal Charges Brought Against Aaron Hjermstad Prove Deeply Troubling

(St. Paul, MN) – The new criminal charges brought against Aaron Hjermstad related to his sexual abuse of a third child are deeply troubling, but also not unexpected based on our investigation. Our firm represents one courageous survivor, Minor Doe 601, and his family who were able to bring suit anonymously. We are aware of others and believe there are dozens of kids out there still suffering in silence because of this predator. It’s time that every child and every family knows that they can come forward privately, safely, and confidentially to ensure Hjermstad and the institutions that gave him access to kids for so long cannot continue to cause so much hurt to so many. On behalf of the families we have already spoken to and work with, we want everyone who wishes to come forward to know that they can feel safe doing so and that their privacy will be protected.

Aaron Hjermstad fits the profile of a serial predator, and our investigation has revealed signs that he has been preying on children for as long as a decade, not only at Best Academy and the Mastery School, but during his time at Excell Academy and while coaching at Hospitality House. Hjermstad used his positions to groom kids and their parents for years in a disturbing pattern. We have serious concerns about a culture at these institutions that allowed Hjermstad – a teacher, coach, and predator extraordinary access to kids for years. We want every child and their family to know that if they were abused it was not their fault, and we hope they reach out for the help they deserve.