Longtime Bemidji teacher and coach accused of sexual abuse

Valley News Live – KVLY/KXJB – Fargo/Grand Forks
It’s a case that may sound all too familiar. A high profile teacher and coach, for more than 30 years, accused of sexual abuse on a number of victims.

It was a case brought to officials two years ago,but nothing was ever done. Now things are once again being investigated in Bemidji, Minnesota.

It was here at Central Elementary school in Bemidji,Minnesota where the allegations of abuse took place. A victims mother says she brought her concerns to police two years ago but charges were never filed. Now, more victims have come forward and the case has been re-opened.

Bemidji police say longtime physical education teacher and school coach, John Wangberg, is under investigation for child sex abuse. One of the victims mothers says she knows four other families who have already come forward. She says her daughter was in kindergarten at Central elementary when the alleged abuse took place two years ago. She reported it to police and Wangberg was put on administrative leave but nothing ever came about. She says two years later, her daughter is opening up more of that day in kindergarten to her therapist. Her therapist brought the information to police who confirm other kids have also said they were abused by the man.

The police department says so far says Wangberg has not been arrested. They are waiting to see if more victims will come forward.