Attorney Jeff Anderson to Respond to Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis Bankruptcy Plan Filed Today

Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis Files Bankruptcy Reorganization Plan Leaving Behind Survivors of Sexual Abuse

In the plan filed today the Archdiocese and its parishes will contribute less than 2% of its assets; Cathedral of St. Paul valued at $0

Archdiocese Plan of Reorganization

WHAT: Today, in United States Bankruptcy Court, the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis filed its reorganization plan. The plan outlines several egregious proposals, including a contribution of approximately $30 million dollars, less than two-percent of the Archdiocese and its parishes assets, to compensate survivors of child sexual abuse.

“These actions have proven the Archdiocese’s pledge to put survivors first to be hollow and their pledge to be transparent to be shallow,” said Attorney Jeff Anderson on behalf of 384 sexual abuse survivors. “After the Archdiocese pledged to care for the survivors and treat them fairly through the bankruptcy process, the plan filed today makes it glaringly clear that the Archdiocese is continuing its underhanded ways to avoid transparency and accountability.”

In the court filing today, the Archdiocese values the Cathedral of St. Paul at $0, but insurance documents from 2008 that were not publicly disclosed, lists its value at $68 million dollars. The plan also lists Benilde-St. Margaret’s, Totino-Grace, and De La Salle High Schools as having no value. Additionally, the Archdiocese releases several entities from the bankruptcy, including all parishes and other Catholic entities.

On Tuesday, the Creditors’ Committee and survivors filed a Motion for Substantive Consolidation in response to multiple legal maneuvers the Archdiocese used to hide and shield its assets from the court, survivors and the public. The evidence showed the Archdiocese and its parishes have over $1.7 billion in assets.

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