Jeff Anderson & Associates and Greg Gianforcaro Launch Major Initiative in New Jersey to Help Child Sexual Abuse Survivors

Jeff Anderson & Associates, Attorney Greg Gianforcaro Launch Major Initiative in New Jersey to Help Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse

New Jersey’s Historic Victim’s Rights Bill Takes Effect December 1

Law Firms, Survivors and Advocates to Hold Four Press Events Week of December 1

(New Jersey) – The national law firm of Jeff Anderson & Associates, in partnership with New Jersey Attorney Greg Gianforcaro, will launch a major initiative throughout the state of New Jersey to help survivors of child sexual abuse. On December 1, New Jersey’s historic Victim’s Rights Bill (S477) will take effect, which extends the statute of limitations for child sexual abuse and opens a two-year window for survivors of child sexual abuse to take legal action, no matter when the abuse occurred or how old the survivor was at the time of the abuse. This law is a major advancement in the child protection movement.

Jeff Andersons & Associates pioneered the use of civil litigation to help sexual abuse survivors hold their abusers and the institutions that protected those abusers, accountable for the abuse they suffered as children. Attorney Jeff Anderson has worked with survivors of child sex abuse for 37 years and in 1983 brought the first case in the nation against the Catholic hierarchy. He is the founder of Jeff Anderson & Associates, a national litigation firm dedicated exclusively to working with survivors of sexual abuse and recently opened a new law office in Edison, New Jersey. Jeff and several attorneys in the law firm are licensed to practice law in New Jersey and will be filing dozens of cases under the new law.

Jeff Anderson & Associates are widely recognized as one of the most prolific and successful litigators of clergy sexual abuse cases against churches and other institutions and have handled cases in numerous states throughout the nation. The firm has local offices in Minnesota, New York, California and New Jersey.

Additionally, Jeff Anderson & Associates has teamed up with New Jersey Attorney Greg Gianforcaro who has advocated for and worked with sexual abuse survivors for over 20 years. Greg is a native of New Jersey and is a sought-after expert on litigation and trial law, particularly in matters involving childhood sexual abuse.

In May 2019, Jeff Anderson & Associates released The Anderson Report: Sexual Abuse in the Archdiocese and Dioceses in New Jersey, which contains the names, photographs and assignment histories of approximately 300 clergy members accused of child sexual abuse. In addition, Jeff Anderson & Associates has released The Anderson List: Sexual Abuse in the Boy Scouts of America (New Jersey), which provides names and locations of Boy Scout perpetrators in New Jersey.

For more information visit Jeff Anderson & Associates’ website.

Press Events December 2, 3 and 4th in New Jersey
Starting Monday, December 2 in Newark, the two law firms will launch the first of a series of press events where survivors, advocates, and attorneys will announce the filings of multiple lawsuits under New Jersey’s new law. Additional press releases will be sent, detailing these events that will take place on the following dates and times:

  • Monday, December 2nd: Newark, New Jersey
  • Tuesday, December 3rd: Trenton, New Jersey
  • Tuesday, December 3rd: Camden, New Jersey
  • Wednesday, December 4th: Paterson, New Jersey

All of the press conferences will be live-streamed via YouTube and on Facebook.