Louisiana Court Thwarts Catholic Bishops Attempt to Undo Sexual Abuse Law

Survivors in Louisiana Have Less Than a Year to Take Action

(New Orleans, Louisiana) –  A higher court in Louisiana ruled on the constitutionality of the “lookback window law,” which gives survivors of child sexual abuse in Louisiana an opportunity to take legal action. This window law allows survivors to file a lawsuit for the abuse they endured, regardless of how long ago the abuse occurred.

“This is a day we, along with survivors, will never forget. This ruling means that survivors who were abused in the past by Catholic Priests can finally have their day in court,” said attorney Jeff Anderson.

The Diocese of Lafayette and the Holy Cross have both challenged the lookback law, claiming that it is unconstitutional. In 2021, Church entities and their insurers argued that the window law enacted in 2021 shouldn’t apply to any abuse that occurred before 1993.

“Instead of taking accountability, Church leadership tried to push back and evade responsibility for cover-up of abuse,” said Anderson. “We applaud the Louisiana Court for their ruling and look forward to helping survivors in Louisiana with their journey to healing.”

Survivors who were sexually abused by clergy in Louisiana have until June 13, 2024, to file a lawsuit.