Press Conference: Teacher Claim Re-victimizes Former Student

Attorney Jeffrey Anderson to Hold Press Conference 2:30 PM Today

(St. Paul, MN) – St. Paul Lawyer Jeffery Anderson said today that Anoka-Hennepin School District teacher Walt Filson’s claim that Alex Merritt’s reports of sexual harassment against Filson and another teacher were made in retaliation against the teachers is a complete fabrication.  Filson’s claim that Merritt talked about bringing a gun to school is “false and nothing more than a smokescreen by Filson in an attempt to avoid responsibility for his sexual harassment of Alex.”

Anderson, whose office represented Merritt in a human rights claim against the School District, said that Merritt, in late 2007, was told by other students that Ms. Cleveland had told them (the students) “you have a gun and (she) told the administration.”

Questions to ask Mr. Filson:

  1. Was the report actually made? Was there a school district investigation of the report and what was the outcome?
  2. Why did Filson wait so long to claim retaliation?

The Human Rights Department and the School District found that there was probable cause that you discriminated against Alex Merritt.  If what you say is true, is that supposed to excuse your behavior?

“Clearly this is an attempt by Fislon to further harass and bully a young man who has already been put through hell once.  Now, while Alex is in Fort Leonard Wood serving his country, Filson is making reckless accusations that only serve to re-victimize his former student.”