The Citadel to face lawsuit in Louis ReVille sexual abuse scandal

Mother of abuse victim says The Citadel was grossly negligent in not reporting ReVille’s 2002 abuse

Her minor son was sexually abused by ReVille in 2007, 2008

At a news conference on Wednesday in Charleston, South Carolina, Attorneys Jeff Anderson and Gregg Meyers will announce a civil lawsuit to be filed on behalf of the mother of young man who as a child was sexually abused by Louis ReVille on numerous occasions over a time span of more than a year. The complaint, to be filed tomorrow (Wednesday) in Charleston County Court of Common Pleas names The Citadel as the sole defendant, and claims the college was grossly negligent in not reporting knowledge of previous abuse by ReVille, and thus, allowed her son to be sexually assaulted.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011 at  11 A.M. EST

Charleston Place Hotel
Drayton Room
205 Meeting Street
Charleston, SC

Attorney Jeff Anderson is a nationally known St. Paul, Minnesota-based trial lawyer widely recognized as a pioneer in sexual abuse litigation Anderson has offices in cities across the United States, including Charleston, and most recently has filed several clergy abuse lawsuits arising out of the Philadelphia Grand Jury Report and the Penn State and Syracuse University sex scandals Over nearly three decades Anderson has represented thousands of survivors of sexual abuse by authority figures.

Attorney Gregg Meyers, joined Jeff Anderson & Associates after a legal career that began in the United States Department of Justice as a litigator in the Civil Rights Division and then moved to Charleston, South Carolina, where his practice concentrated on civil litigation for victims of sexual abuse, defamation, civil rights and claims under the federal False Claims Act.

Note: Copies of the civil complaint for this lawsuit will be available at the news conference in Charleston and also online at at approximately 10 A.M. EST on Wednesday.