Clergy Sexual Abuse in Chicago

If you were sexually abused by a priest or other Catholic clergy in Illinois, we want to help. Our law firm of legal professionals and advocates has more than three decades of experience working with survivors of sexual abuse and litigating cases against Catholic dioceses and religious orders nationwide.

Our advocates in Illinois are dedicated to helping survivors of priest sexual abuse. We will listen to your story and work tirelessly in response to the injustice you have suffered. We will support, protect and guide you along your journey toward justice and healing. Contact us today. Your information will remain completely confidential.

Download and Print Flyer: Illinois Order Priests Accused of Child Sexual Abuse

Attorney General Report on Clergy Sexual Abuse in Illinois

In 2023, Attorney General Kwame Raoul released an investigative report into clergy sexual abuse in Illinois, appending former Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s findings. This investigative report revealed claims by 1,997 survivors who were sexually abused by 451 priests or members of Catholic clergy in dioceses across Illinois.

Report: Child Sexual Abuse in the Archdiocese and Dioceses in Illinois

This report contains the names of clergy associated with the Archdiocese and Diocese in Illinois who have been accused of sexual misconduct. While lawsuits were filed involving many of these alleged perpetrators, the vast majority of the claims against these individuals have been settled or have not been fully evaluated in a civil court. Accordingly, the allegations should be considered just allegations and should not be considered proven or substantiated in a court of law. Download the report.

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If you were sexually abused as a child in Chicago, or anywhere else in Illinois, call us for a free consultation with one of our Illinois sexual abuse attorneys. Our staff of attorneys, paralegals, and advocates have years of experience working with survivors of priest sexual abuse and work hard to ensure that each survivor’s call is handled with compassion, respect and confidentiality.

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