Attorney for the Diocese of Buffalo Shows His True Colors, Calls AG’s Lawsuit a “Publicity Stunt”

Last week during a bankruptcy court hearing in Buffalo, New York, an attorney representing the Diocese of Buffalo referred to the New York Attorney General’s lawsuit filed against the diocese last November, as a “publicity stunt.” This statement is an insult and slap in the face to survivors across the country and particularly in the Diocese of Buffalo.

Instead of helping survivors and demonstrating one iota of empathy, dioceses across the country are cowardly turning to bankruptcy court to avoid putting the survivors’ best interests first. As part of the New York Attorney General’s investigation, hundreds of survivors came forward and chose to tell their gut-wrenching stories to complete strangers, with the hope that one day justice would be served and that those responsible for the abuse they endured as children would finally be held accountable. The Attorney General’s Office heard those stories and responded appropriately.

To repeatedly claim the diocese has survivors’ best interests at heart and at the same time accuse the highest law enforcement agency in the State of New York of filing a lawsuit as a “publicity stunt” to help sexual abuse survivors is disingenuous, to say the least.

Perhaps the diocese and its attorneys could take a minute and listen, as the Attorney General’s Office did, maybe then they might learn something and real change can happen.