Clergy Abuse Survivors in Syracuse Must File Now – Time Is Running Out

Only hours remain for survivors of child sexual abuse in the Diocese of Syracuse to come forward and seek justice and accountability.

We cannot say this loudly enough: the time is now. After April 15, it will be too late.

Diocese of Syracuse officials filed for bankruptcy after hundreds of survivors like you came forward under the Child Victims’ Act. We can only assume they had an end goal in mind: shorten the time that you and other survivors have to come forward under the New York Child Victims Act.

We understand that you may not feel ready, the timing may not ideal, and that there are other issues that influence such an important decision as this. We are taking all of this into account with every person who reaches out to us. But it’s time to come forward regardless of whatever is holding you back. We can’t extend the deadline—it was set by a judge—but we can help you through the process in a safe, trauma-informed way that takes into account your unique situation.

You deserve to keep your power. Please take action right now. Make that call.