Hundreds of Alleged Child Molesters Could Pose Risk to New York Children

On July 14, the law firm of Jeff Anderson & Associates released a comprehensive report based on public data detailing newly identified alleged perpetrators in Catholic institutions across New York. Through this report, it became evident that two lawsuits had been filed by another law firm alleging that Robert Caldera, the former Executive Director of the Catholic Youth Organization for the Diocese of Brooklyn, was accused of child sexual abuse. 

A parent’s biggest fear is finding out that the trusted adult caring for their children is a sex predator. For thousands of New York parents whose children participate in the Catholic Youth Organization of Brooklyn and Queens, this is a harsh reality. The director of the organization, Rob Caldera, has been accused of sexually abusing children in two active lawsuits filed in state courts. Caldera remains in his position, working with kids today.

Caldera is not a unique case. In fact, our research into thousands of lawsuits filed under the New York Child Victims Act has discovered that 177 people who have been accused of sexually abusing kids may be alive and may be working with, or living near, your children or a child you care about, right now.

The size of the list should be a wake-up call to parents and communities across New York—and nationwide. Since Catholic leaders have refused to warn anyone of the imminent danger that the 177 accused pose right now—despite their public promises to do so—we are presenting our findings to the New York State Attorney General and making those names easily accessible to the public.

We have put the names in an easy-to-search list, so that anyone who is concerned about their community can take immediate action for child safety. But, we need your help. Please review the list and see if anyone on it is still working with kids or may have access to kids. Then, let law enforcement and us know. If you don’t know who to contact, we can help you. And if you have seen, witnessed, or suspect abuse, report it immediately.

This list is only possible because thousands of brave survivors have come forward and filed lawsuits under New York’s Child Victims Act. Many of these survivors are taking advantage of the ability to file as a Jane or John Doe to protect their identity as crime victims. We anticipate that many more will do so before the looming August 13 deadline.

We implore anyone who was sexually abused as a child in New York to come forward before the August 13 deadline. Every single survivor who has already come forward and filed—even if the molester is dead—has helped stop the cycle by exposing abuse and cover-up. By holding perpetrators and institutions accountable, every survivor can help ensure that today’s children will not have to suffer the same horrors of sexual abuse.

This is a big decision, but time is short. After August 13, most older survivors will no longer have the ability to use the civil courts for justice. If you were abused, make the call now. By coming forward and exposing what happened to you, you are saving two very important children: the child at risk RIGHT NOW in the institution where you were abused, and the child you once were, who was so terribly hurt and deserves care, justice, and healing.

Read the list. Make the call. Save a child … especially if that child was you.