If you were sexually abused as a child in New York,


The New York Child Victims Act

The New York Child Victims Act gives survivors of child sexual abuse in New York the opportunity to file a claim against the individual who hurt them and the institution that hid or covered up their crimes, no matter how long ago the abuse occurred. But this window is only open for a limited time. If you are a victim of child sexual abuse in the State of New York, you still have time to pursue justice. Call us today to learn about your rights under the Child Victims Act, hold those who hurt you accountable, and make New York safer for children today. You are NOT alone.

If you were sexually abused or molested by a priest, scout leader, teacher or coach
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Jeff Anderson & Associates is recognized as one of the nation’s premier law firms to represent victims of childhood sexual abuse. We are smart, tough and relentless, but the virtue that ultimately sets us apart is our compassion. We are people who feel deeply and work tirelessly in response to an unjust world. We have a reputation for being the best at what we do, and that begins and ends with our ability to support, protect and guide survivors along their journey towards justice and healing.

a historic step forward

On January 28, 2019 the New York Legislature passed the Child Victims Act (A2683 and S2440), effectively reforming the statute of limitations for child sexual abuse survivors in New York. It was signed into law by Governor Cuomo on February 14, 2019.

A historic step forward for child protection, the New York Child Victims Act:

  • Allows child sex abuse survivors to bring a civil lawsuit against abusers and institutions that protected them until the survivor reaches the age of 55
  • Opens a one-year window for child sexual abuse victims of any age to bring lawsuits for abuse that occurred even decades ago
  • Revives previously barred actions related to sexual abuse of children
  • Grants civil trial preference to such actions
  • Eliminates the notice of claim requirements for such actions when the action is brought against a municipality, the state or a school district
  • Requires judicial training relating to child abuse and the establishment of rules relating to civil actions brought for sexual offenses committed against children

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You are not alone. We are here to help you.

It’s time for justice. It’s time to bring the truth out into the light. It’s time for accountability and healing. Before making a decision concerning such serious and sensitive matters, we encourage all survivors of priest sexual abuse to consult with legal counsel before proceeding with a claim against the Archdiocese of New York, the Diocese of Albany, the Diocese of Brooklyn, the Diocese of Buffalo, the Diocese of Ogdensburg, the Diocese of Rochester, the Diocese of Rockville Center, or the Diocese of Syracuse.

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