Statement from Jeff Anderson & Associates Regarding the Murder of George Floyd

“Stay silent and do nothing” has never been part of Jeff Anderson and Associates motto. We state here, unequivocally, that Black Lives Matter.

The historical and systemic “isms” many face in America haven’t changed and we all saw firsthand what that looks like with the murder of George Floyd by a Minneapolis Police Officer. This is not new and has been a repeated offense for centuries. This is unacceptable!

The Black community and communities of color have been impacted not only by the violence inflicted on George Floyd, but by the events of the past week unfolding. From expressions of pain and frustration from decades of inaction to the support and solidarity communities have shown each other, there is an undeniable call for action now.

Racism has been at the forefront of our society for hundreds of years, hiding and lurking at each corner. Superiority and privilege masked through literature, legal doctrine and our very own Constitution of the United States has continued to prevail, but U.S. Citizens are fighting back. Jeff Anderson & Associates recognizes the current and historical crisis of racial inequality and we stand with the Black community and communities of color, demanding justice and equality. We are committed to doing our part to rebuild surrounding communities by volunteering at neighborhood clean-ups and food drives, attending community events and demonstrations and supporting non-profit and charity organizations. These are our first steps down a long road to the peace, justice, and systemic change that George Floyd’s murder demands. Jeff Anderson and Associates will seek opportunities to listen, show-up and act proactively and responsively through this time of transformation.

We stand with George Floyd’s family and all marginalized communities as we continue to dismantle all forms of oppression.