Boy Scout Abuse Claims Must Be Filed by November 16, 2020


“My Name is Mike Finnegan, one of the attorneys representing dozens of survivors of abuse within Boy Scouts of America. Recently the bankruptcy court established a deadline for survivors to come forward of November 16th, 2020. That is an extremely important date for all survivors within scouting to know. What that means is that survivors have to come forward before that date, and file a claim confidentially within the Bankruptcy court.

“At Jeff Anderson & Associates we have worked on countless bankruptcies like this with hundreds of survivors, and have been able to protect their privacy and protect their rights in the process. But the key to all of it is making sure that a claim is filed on behalf of each survivor before the November 16th deadline.

“Very soon the Bankruptcy court and the Boy Scout case will also approve a longer form that is called a “Proof of Claim.” This is a form that we can help every survivor fill out. It gives information about what happened and the circumstances around that. Once that form is completed it has to get filed in the Bankruptcy court “under seal.” What that means is that no one in the public will know the survivor’s name, nobody in the public can find out who that person is. So, we can help file that. We’ve done that on behalf of thousands of survivors across the country. Helping them individually, making sure their rights are protected, and that they can part of the movement to clean up abuse in America.

“Each survivor that calls us we treat individually with care. Each survivor has their voice heard. By coming forward each survivor can be a part of the movement to end child sex abuse in the Boy Scouts of America.

“It’s important for survivors of abuse within Boy Scouts to remember that the November 16th, 2020 date – the deadline – is fast-approaching. It is important for survivors to act now. Come forward now, so that your rights can be protected, that you can get the help you need and deserve, to be part of the solution and make sure Scouting gets safer for kids and abuse ends.”