Vlog: Jeff Anderson on the NY Child Victims Act Extension and What Survivors Need to Know


I’m Jeff Anderson. I am the founder of Jeff Anderson & Associates. The Child Victims Act in New York that give survivors the opportunity to take legal action, has now been extended to August 13, 2021. Any survivor who has been sexually abused in the state of New York now has time to have his or her voice heard. Now has a chance to take legal action. Has a chance to expose the offender.Has a chance to expose any institution or employer that made the conscious choice to allow it to occur. Has a chance to share the secret. Has a chance for a better life. Has a chance to do something, to protect other kids in the future. And has the chance to be a part of the child protection movement in America. A chance survivors didn’t have before in New York. We express gratitude to the Governor and to the legislature for extending the time limits for survivors to be able to take action.

It’s important for survivors to know there are some other important dates.

Any survivor in the diocese of Rochester has a shorter time limit in which to bring a legal claim. And that time limit in Rochester is short. It is August 13 2020. That time limit for survivors in Rochester is very short and you must act and call now because it is August 13th 2020.

There is also a shorter time limit for any survivor of abuse by any Scout leader. And because the Boy Scouts of America filed for reorganization, that time limit is also shorter than the law in New York. That time limit for survivors of any Boy Scout leader, is now November 16, 2020.

Even though there has been an extension of the time limit in which to bring a legal action in New York for another year, the reality is the time is now. The time is now for every survivor to come forward and share that secret. And why is it now? Because there are offenders out there both past and present yet to be exposed. There are institutions that have made choices to continue to protect those offenders, both past and present. And so the time is now to do something to both recover your own power and do something to protect other kids in the future. The time may have been extended, but the time to protect kids and take your own power and your own life back, is now.