Vlog: NY Child Victims Act Extension, Rochester & BSA Bankruptcy Bar Dates

In this short vlog, attorneys Mike Finnegan and Stacey Benson discuss the extension of the New York Child Victims Act and two other key dates that survivors of child sexual abuse in New York need to know.

Mike Finnegan:
Recently, Governor Cuomo signed an extension of the New York Child Victims Act. Originally, he signed the Child Victims Act in 2019 to give survivors more time to come forward, sue their perpetrators and institutions who covered it up.

The extension that Governor Cuomo recently signed gives survivor another year. Survivors now have until August 13, 2021 to bring a case against their perpetrator or any institution who covered it up.

Stacey Benson: In addition to the extension of the New York Child Victims Act there are two very important dates survivors need to keep in mind.

First, the Diocese of Rochester is in Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The judge has set a claims bar date of August 13, 2020. That means survivors of abuse have until August 13 of this year to come forward and bring a claim in bankruptcy court.

The second deadline that’s very important for abuse survivors to remember is anyone abused in the Boy Scouts of America has until November 16, 2020 to come forward and take legal action.

Having decades of experience working with survivors of child sexual abuse, we know how difficult it is to come forward. Even with these upcoming deadlines, it’s import that you know time is limited.

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