Albany Bishop Howard Hubbard Seeks to Resign as Child Sex Abuse Lawsuits & Reckless Criminal Behavior Can No Longer Be Ignored

Impending Removal of Hubbard is Victorious Moment of Justice & Accountability for Survivors & Advocates

(Albany, NY) – Bishop Emeritus Howard Hubbard of the Diocese of Albany has submitted a request for the Vatican to officially laicize him from the Catholic Church. The request comes as Hubbard faces an intense amount of heat and pressure to resign due to multiple child sexual abuse lawsuits filed under the New York Child Victims Act. Not only is Hubbard accused in multiple lawsuits filed under New York’s Child Victims Act of sexually abusing minors, he also admitted to moving predator priests to new locations, not reporting abuse to law enforcement, and refusing to terminate perpetrators, claiming it was “too harsh.”

In March of 2022, Bishop Howard Hubbard’s deposition was released to the public due to a decision made by Albany County Supreme Court. Public revelation of Bishop Hubbard’s testimony was the result of the courage of approximately 440 survivors who came forward with claims of abuse against the Diocese of Albany. The deposition brought light, heat, and exposure to predators and practices employed by Hubbard and other Catholic Bishops across New York State. The scrutiny Hubbard faced after the release of the deposition has continued to build, finally resulting in him having no other choice but to resign. In response to the public release of the deposition, attorney Cynthia LaFave said:

“The testimony will be read with horror by the public. The public will see the culpability of the Diocese in perpetuating a culture of sex abuse by priests that was allowed to continue for decades…”

“Today is the culmination of 440 survivors speaking the truth,” said attorney Taylor Stippel. “Had the survivors not courageously come forward, Hubbard’s heinous abuse and decades of deceit would not have been exposed. Hubbard may continue to deny the allegations against him, but his resignation speaks louder than his words.”

Although Pope Francis has yet to formally respond to Hubbard’s request, it is highly likely that he will accept the resignation for the following reasons:

  1. Hubbard is a serial offender and survivors exposed his crimes and reckless behavior in his April 2021 deposition;
  2. Hubbard deployed deceitful practices identical to his Catholic colleagues, including keeping secrets and hiding predators;
  3. The Pope has accepted the resignations of two other bishops under the Vatican’s new policy – Bishop Michael J. Hoeppner of the Diocese of Crookston, Minnesota and Bishop Richard J. Malone of the Diocese of Buffalo, New York. Due to this history, it is likely he will also accept Hubbard’s resignation.

“We feel Hubbard’s removal is not only justified but necessary. This signals to survivors that their voices are being heard. This is an integral part of healing and is long overdue,” said attorney Cynthia LaFave. “Without the Child Victim’s Act, without the courage that the survivors have shown, this would never have happened. It was not one, nor two, but a community of survivors who came forward to tell their truth about the abuse forced on them by Bishop Hubbard. This is a day of vindication.”

“This is the true power of bringing light, heat, and scrutiny through statute of limitations reform,” said attorney Jeff Anderson. “The survivors can now have a sense of relief that for the first time there are consequences and some accountability. This is just the beginning.”