Diocese of Buffalo Returns Four Priests Accused of Child Sexual Abuse to Ministry

Statement of Attorney Jeff Anderson

(Buffalo, NY) – Today the Diocese of Buffalo returned four priests to ministry who have been identified in lawsuits as child sexual abusers under the New York Child Victims Act. The four priests are Msgr. James Kelly, Fr. Adolph Kowalczyk, Fr. Gregory Dobson, and Fr. Matt Nycz. The four priests were returned to ministry after an internal, diocesan investigation was conducted.

“There they go again,” said attorney Jeff Anderson. “No wonder there are nearly 1000 claims in the Diocese of Buffalo bankruptcy, they just don’t get it. The Diocese has again failed to do the right thing and believe survivors.”

Anderson’s firm Jeff Anderson & Associates, along with Buffalo attorney Steve Boyd, represent over 380 survivors in the Diocese of Buffalo. “I wish I was shocked and surprised,” Anderson said. “Everything that this diocese has done is typical. They continue to choose to do the wrong thing in the wrong way. They have a lot to learn.”