Jane Doe XX In Her Own Word Responds to Danny Elfman’s Attack on Her & Nomi Abadi & Why She Was Compelled to File a Lawsuit

“Elfman messed with the wrong young women,” said attorney Jeff Anderson. “He used his power to have his perverse ways with Jane Doe XX and Nomi Abadi. These women have the power and truth now, and we proudly stand with them.”

(Los Angeles, CA) – Survivor Jane Doe XX writes an open letter detailing the exploitation by  Danny Elfman, why she suffered in silence, and why she brought the lawsuit after learning about Elfman’s attacks on Nomi Abadi, whom Elfman had assaulted decades earlier in a similar manner as Jane Doe XX.

Dan Elfman, through his lawyers, filed his response or answer to the lawsuit by the courageous survivor Jane Doe XX. In the answer, he denies sexual misconduct and claims that Jane Doe XX has come forward to “extort him” wrongfully. Today, in response to his attack, Jane Doe XX has released a letter in her own words, providing context as to why she chose to stand up, speak up, and sue.