New Perpetrators Accused of Child Molestation Identified in the Diocese of Albany

With Looming August 13 Deadline Attorneys Ask for Public Help to Determine if 13 Newly Alleged Perpetrators Could Have Access to Children

(New York, NY) Today, the law firm of Jeff Anderson & Associates released the names of 13 newly publicly identified alleged perpetrators accused of child sexual abuse in the Diocese of Albany. All newly identified perpetrators have been identified in lawsuits filed under the New York Child Victims Act from August 14, 2019, to May 31, 2021.

“This peril must be known not only by the people in the pews, not only by the people in the parishes, but the public must know about these child molesting clerics,” said attorney Jeff Anderson, who represents hundreds of survivors in New York. “Survivors of sexual abuse in New York can expose their perpetrators in court, but time is running out.”

Last week, the law firm of Jeff Anderson & Associates updated the New York Child Victims Act Diocesan Lawsuit Dashboard, including lawsuits filed from January 1, 2021, to May 31, 2021. In this update, the firm determined that 176 alleged perpetrators have not been publicly identified in official diocesan lists, religious order lists, or other forms of media across dioceses in New York.

“Because we do not know the current location of these accused perpetrators, if they are alive or dead,  and if they have access to children, there is a great public risk,”  said attorney Mike Finnegan. “We are urging the public to help us in any way they can. If you know anything about these newly accused perpetrators, contact law enforcement.”

Survivors must take action under The New York Child Victims Act deadline before August 13, 2021. Survivors of sexual abuse in New York can take legal action and file a lawsuit against their perpetrator and the institution that harbored that perpetrator, no matter when the abuse occurred or how old they were. Survivors of sexual abuse still have rights, but time is limited.