Prolific Film & Television Composer Danny Elfman Accused of Sexual Assault

Entertainment Industry Continues to Protect and Profit from Predators Accused of Sexual Abuse

(Los Angeles, CA) – Yesterday, in Los Angeles County Court, courageous survivor Jane Doe XX filed a lawsuit and identified four-time Oscar-nominated American film composer Danny Elfman (Elfman), accusing him of sexual assault and exploitation.

“Danny Elfman has used his power as a prolific film composer to manipulate and harm aspiring female artists,” said Jeff Anderson.

 Virtuoso pianist, singer, composer, and activist Nomi Abadi, who previously accused Elfman of multiple instances of sexual harassment, settled a breach of contract suit alleging Elfman failed to pay two installments of an underlying dispute.

In February 2023, at the MusiCares event, Abadi, courageous survivors, and music industry artists discussed their personal experiences of abuse, trauma, and silencing by well-known and powerful people in the entertainment industry.

“The music Industry is the Catholic church on steroids,” said survivor, actor, and advocate Alexa Nikolas.

“This courageous survivor came forward after decades of silence to expose Elfman’s continued efforts to destroy Nomi. The exploitation of Nomi Abadi by Elfman mirrors the harm he inflicted on Doe XX twenty years earlier,” said Anderson. “We are here to stand with her and others in the industry to say: No more. You are no longer alone.”