Servite High School Renames Aquatic Center in Response to Survivor Lawsuit

Statement by Mike Reck, Attorney with Jeff Anderson & Associates

(Los Angeles, CA) – In response to a child sex abuse and cover-up lawsuit filed by our brave client, Anaheim’s Servite High School was forced to rename their aquatic center, which had, until today, honored accused child predator Fr. Kevin Fitzpatrick.

Today, a courageous survivor got his voice and dignity back.

The power of the California Child Victims’ Act (AB 218) is that it gives survivors, no matter how long ago they were silenced by abuse and cover-up, the power to expose what happened to them and ensure that children today are safer from abuse.

This is not the first time a survivor has forced the Catholic Church to rename a building. We know it will not be the last. This courageous survivor is proof to anyone suffering in silence that we believe you and the law is on your side. We encourage anyone who was sexually abused as a child at Servite, or anywhere in California, to come forward and file a lawsuit before December 31, 2022.