Attorney Mike Finnegan Addresses the NY Child Victims Act Deadline of August 13, 2020

The Current Deadline for Survivors is August 13, 2020. The Time for Any Survivor To Act is Now.



I’m Mike Finnegan, one of the attorneys working with courageous survivors of childhood sexual abuse in New York. This past year, the Child Victim Act was passed. Now, we are at the end of that time period – and the time is almost up. The deadline is August 13th for survivors to come forward, speak their truth and stand up. The legislature has taken some action and there have been mixed messages in the media so far, but the current deadline for survivors is August 13, 2020. The time for any survivor to act is now. If you were sexually abused by a priest, scout leader, coach or teacher, call us confidentially today: 1-800-ITS-TIME

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