“The time is short, and the time is now.” Jeff Anderson on the Aug 13 Deadline for Claims Under the New York Child Victims Act

Transcript: I’m Jeff Anderson. I’m the founder of the law firm Jeff Anderson & Associates. Our firm represents survivors of sexual abuse exclusively. That’s what we do. That’s what I have done for 38 years. I’m sounding the alarm today because in New York survivors have a very short period of time in which to take legal action under the child victims act. The time in which a survivor can take legal action, for the harm done from sexual abuse, both against an offender and any institution that allowed it to occur, is August 13th. I’m alarmed and sounding the alarm because that is a short window. There has been some confusion about how much time there actually is. There is some confusion because the legislature passed a bill that gives survivors another year in which to take action but it has not been signed by the Governor. So, in our view is not law of New York – and I don’t want survivors who have such important rights to lose the opportunity to assert them. We encourage every survivor to find that voice. To express that voice. To come forward and share it. And know that you, whoever you are, can bring an action in New York before August 13th, against the offender who violated you and any institution who chose not to protect you and chose to protect that offender. It’s time, and the time is short, and the time is now.