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Jan 31, 2011: Press Conference: Vatican Rejects Service of Deaf Man’s Lawsuit

Refusal states legal service of lawsuit naming the Holy See, Pope Benedict XVI and Cardinals Bertone and Sodano as defendants was “undesired and unwanted” In a slap to US justice system, they send it back. Attorney calls audacious move “troubling”—says it shows the Catholic hierarchy still considers itself “above the law.” Click read more to view the video

Jan 10, 2011: News Conference: US Clergy Abuse Litigator to Bring Expertise to UK

 Media Advisory/News ConferenceUS clergy abuse litigator to bring expertise to UKJoins London-based solicitor to advocate for sexual abuse victimsWhat:    At a news conference in London, United States clergy abuse litigator Jeff Anderson    and London-based solicitor of England and Wales Ann Olivarius, will announce the launch of a new legal practice formed to seek justice in the UK for victims of clergy abuse.  Anderson, whose current practice is located in St. Paul, Minnesota, is internationally recognized as a pioneer in using American civil courts to…

Nov 29, 2010: Media Alert: Shocked Victim to Speak Publicly for First Time Says Archbishop’s spiteful actions are hurtful to him and his family

At a new conference, a suburban Twin Cities man who was sexually abused as a
child by Father Thomas Adamson, will disclose his identity and speak out against     
Archbishop John Nienstedt’s recent legal action attempting to make victim pay
$64,000 in legal expenses incurred by Minneapolis/St. Paul Archdiocese while
defending the priest’s sexual abuse and Archbishop Nienstedt’s subsequent
attempts to cover-up Adamson’s two decades long sexual predatory misconduct.