Diocese of Santa Rosa Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Bishop & Diocese Allegedly Transferred Assets in Attempt of Self – Preservation

(Santa Rosa, CA) – Today, the Diocese of Santa Rosa filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy reorganization. This expected and ill-fated decision by the diocese is a shallow attempt by the bishop to harbor perpetrators, conceal assets, and shield the truth from survivors of sexual abuse.

“The Santa Rosa playbook of transferring assets to avoid accountability is familiar and devious,” said Jeff Anderson. “A colleague of ours filed a lawsuit identifying in detail the scheme to move all the parishes out of the title of the bishop to defraud the survivors of rightful justice under the new laws.”

In the wake of the California Child Victims Act, the Diocese of Santa Rosa has been identified as a defendant in dozens of lawsuits alleging child sexual abuse. Jeff Anderson & Associates has represented thousands of survivors in Chapter 11 Bankruptcy cases across the country. The Firm currently represents 78 survivors in the Diocese of Santa Rosa.

“The abuse was bad enough, but to hide behind a bankruptcy, and not face your obligation to make things right is unspeakable and unbelievable,” said Mike Tarvid, who was abused as a child in the Diocese of Santa Rosa. “I have lost one hundred percent faith in the Catholic Bishops and will do everything I can in my power to let everybody know how horrible they are.”

Santa Rosa is the first diocese to file for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy following the close of the California Child Victims Act on December 31, 2022. It is believed that other Catholic institutions will soon follow Santa Rosa’s damaging plan. On February 10, 2023, the bishop of the Diocese of San Diego released a statement contemplating filing for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy.

“This is a pattern already revealed in San Diego and other states where the statute of limitations was previously opened,” said Anderson. “Same old story, hide the offenders, the assets, and the truth about what they knew.”