Boy Scouts of America Chapter 11 Bankruptcy: Frequently Asked Questions

Attorneys Answer: What Does the Boy Scouts of America Bankruptcy Mean for Abuse Survivors?

The Boy Scouts filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy greatly compresses the timeline for survivors of abuse to file a claim. The bankruptcy judge has set a claims bar date – November 16, 2020 – a date by which all sexual abuse survivors must file what’s called a proof of claim with the bankruptcy court. If you are a survivor of sexual abuse while in Scouts, you have a right to justice and healing.

Attorneys Answer: How Does Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Impact the Boy Scouts of America?

Simply put, Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection allows the Boy Scouts of America to keep doing “business as usual” while actively settling its debts – the debts here being BSA’s responsibility for sexual abuse claims by Scouts and former Scouts. There are two major factors that make this possible which should be on the radar of anyone considering filing a sexual abuse claim against the Boy Scouts of America: a claims bar date and financial reorganization.

Claims Bar Date: An important part of this process provides that the court set a “claims bar date,” which is a date marking the deadline by which all survivors must formally file a claim with the court. In this case, the claims bar date is November 16, 2020. After this date, a survivor could be denied any sort of recovery from the Boy Scouts of America. This helps the Boy Scouts of America limit the number of claims that can be submitted and makes filing in the future more difficult. In a way, this is a lot like the organization hitting the “Reset” button; giving it a fresh start and leaving survivors yet-to-submit-a-claim left with the burdens of the past and limited means for relief.

Attorneys Answer: How Do I Bring a Case Against the Boy Scouts of America?

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